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General Guidelines:
1. Absolutely NO offensive content.
2. We do NOT accept any jokes or riddles.
3. Content that you submit must be your own property. Any violation of copyright will be dealt with very seriously.
While submitting your content you take moral/legal responsibility that the content provided is your own property and suitable action may be taken against you for any false claims.

Sketches / Paintings:
1. Must be in png/jpeg format only. Prefer scanned one to a photograph with a camera.
2. Why not create your own Web Album and have your own library? Use Picasa or Photobucket.
3. Send us the link to a particular file you want to share.
4. In case you do not have facility to scan ask our eClub Editor Group for help.

1. Absolutely NO personal photographs will be accepted.
2. Share only pictures of nature, or some social issues that people may be interested in, or something funny like an erroneous billboard or public notice.
3. Provide us with a link to the content.

1. Must be of good taste and not hurt sentiments of any person / state / religion / institute / nation /organisation.
2. We must mention again: DO NOT indulge in plagiarism.
3. Conduct a spell check and grammar check before submitting your content.
4. Why not have your own blog? Mail us a link to the particular post you'd like to share.
5. Else mail us the MS Word document of your content.

1. Preferably of some event which you were a part of. Like a dance/singing competition.
2. Upload the video to youtube.
3. Mail us the link.
4. DO NOT submit any personal videos.