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Sketches by Pradeep

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Deity Of Eternal Beauty

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By:- Keerthi Sahana
       6th A

Sketches by Keerthi Reddy

The infinite quest to salvation

How much longer would I play this game?
How much longer will I even try?
Should I relinquish and live in the pain,
Or hide in the corner and cry,

I really don’t know why I have become so numb,
Or why my heart seems to have turned to stone,
Life has me stricken dumb,
I just want to heal my wounds alone

I am sick of this hunger, I’m sick of this pain,
Things never happen the way I intend,
Each time I surface, I go back slain,
Sick of being someone I can only pretend.

Somewhere, somehow, sometime on someday,
If a hell and heaven should exist,
I know for my deeds and crimes I will pay,
Till then, trauma and memories persist.

I don’t know when I will die,
To escape the horrifying reality I see,
But when the day arrives, I will soar into the sky,
Free from all the terrors that taunt me.

This is what I am, living in a strife,
Suffering what others cannot see,
The sad story I call my life,
My pain known only to me.

Being lost, lost within my own feelings,
Eventually should work its way to infinite salvation,
It’s the only way to control this painful mess!

by:- Keerthi Sahana
       6th A